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winners of 1st FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival

May 20, 2002

How to judge the prize work? 

It's very difficult in fact,because painted language can't be described by written language in correct. 

The art essence is subjective,its thinking core is how to visualize the abstract emotion,and the cartoon key problem is how to make the spirit activity overstep the human intellect.(Such as,why soulstirring is the grand prize work? We think this work overturn the rational knowledge of nature,it is not detained in the living order of established by usage). So,first we regard as important that the cartoon anti-logic language bring the spirit collidsion. 

The cartoon is a kind of conceptal art,but we think it is the same important either soulstirring our heart or delighting our eyes. So a new and original subject matter,creative imagination,wonderful view,extraordinary style and varied form,all of these are the judgement factors we thought. 

How to creat a new imaginary world from the source material of real nature? How to visualize the spirit seeking in a unique form? How to balance the contradiction between the individual expression desire and the public opinion? Maybe the grand and gold prizing work could answer these questions. 

Cartoon doesn't include only gag. 

We are in a rejecting noble art times,there are not short of talents in this age,but spirit. We thirst for seeing your impulsive wild nature and lonely wild ambition from your work. 

We believe,the higher your heart,the higher your work. 


Organizer: Jiang,Lidong

President Juries: Xia,Dachuan / Jin,Hui

The Juries: Yu,Huachun / Zhang,Jing

Yu,Liang / Huang,Kun