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Doru Axinte

Media: 20
Location: , Romania
Member Since: February 28, 2017

14th FreeCartoonsWeb International Cartoonet Festival
Birth: 04.12.1962 Sex: Male
Address: Aleea Livezilor Nr. 6, 820230 Tulcea -ROMANIA
Tel: 004 0758065301 Fax:_
1) Cartoon Quantity_ 12
Title Theme (A) Environmental Protection;
1.Recycling dog
2.Recycling revenge
3.Forest music
4.Protected Environment
5.Save turtles
6.Water shortage
8.Panda protection
Theme : (C) Shopping
9.Pinocchio shopping
10.Young shopping
11.Shopping clash
12.Different prices

Biography :
Doru Axinte was born on 04 December 1962 in Falticeni –Romania. He graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Police Academy . Currently, he is working as a freelance artist concentrated mainly to cartoons and satirical graphic .
Doru Axinte started his artistic career as an autodidact .In 1990-debut with cartoons in the military press and then publishing in the Romanian newspapers and humor rewiews.Doru Axinte is focused in his cartoons mainly on the,,joke,, and ,,satire,,.
His artworks is presented at individual and collective exhibitions. He participated at a number of international cartoon competitions and his cartoons were awarded with prestigious prizes (we can mention at least some of them) :

2010 Croatia-Zagreb-Grand Prize 4th International Exhibition CarCaricature
2010 Braila/Romania:Grand Prize
2015 Argentina (Diogenes Taborda)

2009: Gold Prize:China Googlm International Cartoon Contest
2009 Gold medal:15th Antiwar Cartoon Salon Kragujevac-Serbia

2013-Macedonia - Strumica
2014-Armenia –Sunny Dragon
2009 Bronze medal:Israel-MY COMIC DENTIST
2014 Romania -Deva
2014 Sirya (Theatre cartoon Theme)
2015 Macedonia-Strumica
2009 I Prize: "Together for Security and Peace" Bulgaria
2011 Belgium: I Prize- International Press Cartoon and Humor contest Virton
2011 Bulgaria (Ruse): I Prize-(Volunteering)
2013 Argentina (Diogenes Taborda)
2013-Italia-Gallarate (Evil Theme)
2013 Macedonia –Osten (Wine theme)
2014 Croatia- Zagreb cartoon (Inventions and Inventors)
2014 Slovakia (Money theme)
2015 Argentina (Diogenes Taborda)
2015 Belgium (Global mobility)
2011 Romania: Second prize(International Salt & Pepper Satirical Art Salon)
2011 Iran (Tabriz) : Second prize (First International City and citizen cartoon contest)
2012 Hungary (Axial Cartoon Contest) :2 Prize
2012 Argentina (Diogenes Taborda): 2 Prize
2013 Iran
2015 Turkey-International Cartoon Contest of Nilufer Municipality /Bursa /
2015 Romania –Braila (Culture theme)
2012 Slovakia (Brain Sneezing): 3 Prize
2013 Iran-Fadjr cartoon
2014 Serbia -Golden Helmet (Fotball)
2009 IV Prizes:8th International Biennale Cartoon Pisek-
Excelence PRIZE :
2011-China- (Noah Theme)
2013-China (Recycling Theme)
2015 China (UCCEP)
Special PRIZE :
2009 Special prize: Euro-Fruitcartoonale-Belgium
2009 Special prize:China International Cartoon Competition ,,Magic,,
2011 Croatia(Solin)- Special prize
2011 Romania –Braila- Special prize (,,Doctors and patients,,)
2012 Croatia(Solin)- Special prize
2012 China (Gold panda) : Special prize
2013 Macedonia –Delcevo (Theme-“Attention,Plum”)
2015-Belgium –Kruishoutem –Eurocartoenale (EU Prize)
2015 Catalunya Barcelona (Labour theme)
2015 Ukraine (Pessimistic & Optimistic)
Special jury PRIZE :
2009 Italia- Special Jury Prize:Humour a Gallarate ,,Stars,,
2010 Belgium-Special prize: Euro-Fruitcartoonale
2011 Croatia(Solin)- Special prize
2015 Turkey –Amasya (Strabon Theme)
Special MENTION :
2010 Germany:Award-Cartoon Competition,,Plagiarism,
2012 Croatia(Zagreb-Tourism)- Special mention
Honorable MENTION :
2009 Honourable Mention:Kavarna-Bulgaria
2010 Italia: Honourable Mention Studio d'Arte Andromeda
2011 Iran: Honorable Mention(Productivity Cartoon)
2011 Romania: Honorable Mention (Green planet cartoon)
2011 Israel(Haifa)- Honorable Mention
2012 Poland (Karpik): Honorable Mention
2014 Macedonia-Kriva Palanka (Mother in law)
2012 Iran (Oil Cartoon) : Mention
2012 Poland (Jaka Bede): Mention
2011 Italia- (Water cartoon)
2014 Argentina (Diogenes Taborda)
Ex aecquo PRIZE :
2010: Italia:Prize "Humoris Causa"ex aequo-12th International Graphic Itinerant Humour Festival
Special Diploma & Diploma :
2011 Bosnia Herzegovina: Special diploma (Nosorog)
2009 Bulgaria-Diploma (,,Climate exchange,,)
2013 Israel(Haifa)-UNESCO Diploma
2013 Turkey (Top 10 cartoons, Teapot Theme)
2013 Hungary-Baja (Green cartoon)
2014 Croatia –Solin (Archeology theme)
2015 Ukraine (Totalitarianism Theme)
Best cartoon PRIZE :
2012 Korea (DICACO)
2013 Korea (DICACO)
Master of caricature :
2013 Bulgaria-Plovdiv