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Vehbi Altuncul

Media: 4
Location: , Turkey
Member Since: April 26, 2017

As a member of the Artist of Caricature Association, I participated in national and international caricature competitions and have won national international prizes.
•In 1999,1 received a reward in an international Courage Caricature Competition in Taiwan.
•In 1999,1 was given a special reward in the national Nehar Tiiblek Caricature Competition in Turkey.
•In 2002, my caricature and CV were published in the “artist album” of the of Cartoonist in Romania.
•I have four cartoon books.
•In 2002, my environment caricature has a won a prize and I was invited to the reward ceremony and the festival in Yugoslavia.
•In 2002,1 was invited to the international art juror in Romania.
•My caricatures took part in eleven national and international caricature albums and puhWshed ’mAmele; Hakem Dunyasi; Kiiheylcm; Ye§ilay; Kampiis; Performcms; Cem; Kelaynak; Hayvancilik Diinyasi; Express; Koprii; Giinaydin; Fatih and Kadikoy newspaper and the I.V.H.O. magazine.
•In 1993, presentation of my first personal exhibition in the Scope of the Art Activities at the Istanbul University. Followed by the presentations at the Cultural Festival of Avcilar named Municipality in 1994; in 1997 guest of the Zeytinburnu Lions Club and guest of the Qorlu Rotary Club (last one to find shelter for street animals). My caricatures also took park in various exhibitions and activities.
•Romanya (Suceava) The Member of International Art Jury (2002 August)
•Being a member of the juries more than fifty times in the examinations of doctorate and bachelor’s degree.
•Being Head Jury on the art exhibition named “The Color of the Nature” presented by
•Become a member of the jury on the contest of poem and short story performed by Support Contemporary Life Club
•Become a member of the jury for another contest performed for the favour of the children that lives in the street.
•Continuing work as a TC national boxing referee. Several awars by the Boxing Federation, pres and sports clubs.
•Various reward as a licenced sportsmen in the fields of athletics and wrestling in istanbul regions.
•About 100 published sport caricatures.
•For ten years, I participated in the chorns and as a solist in the Istanbul University Classical Turkish Music Choir, in radio and tekevision programs.
•Founder and advisor of the Istanbul University, Veterinary Faculty Music Society.