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Media: 6
Location: , Romania
Member Since: April 26, 2017

Born in April 14, 1948 in Giurgiu, lives and works in Ploiesti. The School of Fine Arts and Technical College of Architecture.
He started drawing in 1973 in URZICA-Humour Magazine.
He published over 3000 cartoons in magazines and newspapers in Romania and other countries. He illustrated 7 humour books. Since 1991 he is a free lancer and worked for : OPINIA PUBLICA, ZIARUL FINANCIAR, SOCUL COTIDIAN, CUGET LIBER and JURNALUL DE PRAHOVA daily newspapers.
Since 2001 he is cartoonist-editorialist at GAZETA PRAHOVEI daily newspaper and ECHINOX publishing house, art director.
Personal exhibitions: Ploiesti 1980, 1986, 1988, 1993, Giurgiu 1983, 1991, Bucharest 1984, Fredrikstad 1990(Norway), Tolentino 2001(Italy) and Tehran 2004 (Iran). Cartoonist of the Year 2002 in Romania.
Since 1979 he participated to some international exhibitions in Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Canada, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Macedonia, Belgium, Holland, Japan, France, Cuba, Poland, Germany, Brasil, Mexic, Spain, Norway, Indonesia,U.K., Russia, Ukraina, Korea, Iran, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, Argentina, Colombia, Slovakia, Albania, Slovenia, Portugal, Egypt, Cehia, Greece, USA, U.A. Emirates, China, Austria, Sweden, Cyprus, India and Romania (over 400 participations at international exhibitions).
AWARDS: - 77 international prizes
- 23 national prizes