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Ana Von Rebeur

Media: 34
Location: , Argentina
Member Since: March 25, 2017

Journalist, cartoonist, illustrator, humor and travel writer .Had been working as free lance illustrator and writer in 25 newspapers and magazines.Worked as a TV comedy scriptwriter, radio and TV columnist, and spanish to English Translator for DC Comics, New York .Assisted to several art workshops ( Carlos Nine , Mirta Dermisache,Ricardo Villagrán) and studied Graphic Design and Publicity at Panamerican School of Arts.
From 1986 to 1997, I was a permanent cartoonist in Humor and Sex Humor argentinian magazines. From 1988 until now , I publish cartoons in La Republica newspaper ( Uruguay) .
I was Chief Editor and illustrator of several Internet websites dedicated to tourism and also to humour:,,,,,,,,, etc.
In 1998 was Chief Editor of Travel Issue of Perfil Newspaper.
Wrote educational CD Roms and manuals on computer´s programs for EXO, S.A.computers
manufacturers. From 1996 to 1997 was TV comedy scriptwriter of two sitcoms .
Was producer and scriptwriter at six talk shows.
I have published 11 books of humor . I was air hostess of Argentine Airlines for 14 years, travelling around the world relentlessly, until I resigned to dedicate myself to cartoon drawing. I am president of FECO Argentina ( Federation of Cartoonists Organizations), organization with 23 branches in different countries and more than 2500 members cartoonists.
Speaks English, Spanish , Italian and Portuguese. Understands basic German and French.

Clarín , Revista La Nación, Página 12, First, Revista Humor, Sexhumor, Argentina Traveler, Ronda Aerolíneas, Ladevi, Cosmopolitan, Ronda Austral, Empresalud, Buenos Viajes, Verano Punta del Este, Magazine Semanal , B.A. Magazine, Terra, S y S Management, Tíos y Tías, Sojourn ( Sheraton) ,
Uno Mismo, Máxima , Segundamano, Mujeres y Compañía, La Nación, Diario La República(Uruguay) , Mujer, La Murga, El Planeta Urbano, Consignas , Humor and Caricature ( Irán), Para Ti, Swati ( India)

Men are weak (Ediciones de la Urraca,1995).-Feminist Jokes (Ediciones de la Urraca, 1995),
-Ilustrated Psychoanalysis (Emecé, 1996).-,One Hundred Years of Argentine Movies ( with Ricardo García Olivieri )( Instituto Nacional de Cine and Manrique Zago Ediciones,1996)-
Chistes con Bosteros,Jokes on Football Players (Ediciones Florentinas,1997)-Chistes con Gallinas, (Jokes on Football) Ediciones Florentinas, 1997 All you need to know before buying a time shared condominium, Consumers´Guide edited by the Secretary of Internal Commerce in association with the PNUD ( UN) (1999)- Accident Prevention for Children published by the Education Ministry ( Manrique Zago Ediciones,1999)- Just one mother- Humour on Motherhood( Grijalbo- Mondadori, 2000), Feminist Jokes (Planeta, 2000) Jokes for travellers(Planeta , 2000)-Women of 40 (Humour)( Grijalbo, 2001)- El Intruso ( Humour on Showbiz and Politics, Planeta, 2001)

2001: Award of Success, 19th Cartoon Contest Aydin Dogan Vakfi Foundation , Ankara, Turkey
2002: Honorable Mention at 23rd. Yomiuri Shimbun International Cartoon Contest, Tokyo, Japan.
2002: Second Prize of “ Teeth: Creativity in Scene”, 4th International Cartoon Contest of the Union of Technicians Dentists of Berlin – Brandenburg , Germany.
2002: Bronze Medal , 1st International Free Cartoon Web Contest, China
Selected in Trento , Italy , 2001, and Salao da Bahía , 2001 and 2002.