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Addu Leimiali

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Location: , Bulgaria
Member Since: February 27, 2017

• Born in Baghdad 15/06/1963.
• Bachelor / College of Fine Arts / calligraphy and decoration department.
• Diploma / Institute of Fine Arts / calligraphy and decoration department.
• calligrapher and painter and designer, March writing art criticism and short stories and drawing cartoons and the press since the seventies.
• Mderhah now the National Museum of Modern Art / Ministry of Culture / Baghdad.
• The first personal exhibition at Wasti hall under the title (issues Earakatir) in 1982.
• The second personal exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art Hall under the title (Earakatir events) in 1987.
• participated in most of the shows and festivals and competitions calligraphy and painting and caricature political poster.
• won third prize in the competition (Muayad Niama) comics organized by the Al-Sabah newspaper in 2006.
• won second prize in the (art poster contest) organized by the Ministry of Housing and Construction on the subject (housing investment for generations) in 2008.
• won third prize in the (cultural creativity contest) set up by the Integrity Commission in the field of cartooning in 2011.
• received numerous Certificates and letters of appreciation and reward effective for other posts.
• painter and designer of the newspaper (Baghdad Observer) from the year 1995 to 2003.
• Page Editor (spaces plastic) in the Journal of the conference in 2008.
• designed four posters guidelines for occupational safety in 1981.
• holds a degree in maintenance and treatment of works of art from the regional center for the maintenance of cultural property in the Arab countries / Baghdad in 1994.
• administrative cycle in documenting the effects on the calculator / UNESCO / Amman in 2004.
• holds a degree in project cycle to strengthen and develop the competencies and administrative systems in the museum institutions in Iraq / UNESCO / Amman in 2007.
• Member of Iraqi calligraphers / Antrzam / Association in 1981.
• Secretary of the Iraqi Cultural Center of Arabic calligraphy and decoration / 2004.
• Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate / 1992.
• Member of the Association of Iraqi artists / 2010.